Even with the French Quarters, it amazed me to see how terrible and rundown the majority of New Orleans looks.
The tallest building in Houston, the Chase Tower.
Light at the end of the tunnel (at The Tunnel In Mobile Alabama!)
Another evening at the beach. (at Pensacola Beach ~ Gulfside)
Pensacola beach at night (at Pensacola Beach ~ Gulfside)
Breakfast this morning
It rained today in Houston. No matter how I’m feeling, or what’s on my mind, the rain never fails to ease me.

There’s nothing more peaceful/calming than the rain.
Sitting there, at that moment in time, I was at peace. There was nothing more exciting than seeing the city of Houston from the 60th floor of the Chase Tower. 
Yesterday, I was able to visit the Chase Tower observation deck on the 60th floor. Though the photo did not end up how I would have hoped for it to, here goes the city of Houston. 

My goal for this summer is to photograph each and every part of the downtown area. From the parks, city streets, buildings.

This is going to be fun.

Senior photos taken of Jason
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