Rest in peace to everyone who had their lives taken away from them at the World Trade Center in 2001. (World Trade Center Memorial at UH) #NeverForget
Putting Vaseline on my lens created this neat blur effect.
Sunset at the beach
Pensacola, Florida
July 2014
Even with the French Quarters, it amazed me to see how terrible and rundown the majority of New Orleans looks.
The tallest building in Houston, the Chase Tower.
Light at the end of the tunnel (at The Tunnel In Mobile Alabama!)
Another evening at the beach. (at Pensacola Beach ~ Gulfside)
Breakfast this morning
It rained today in Houston. No matter how I’m feeling, or what’s on my mind, the rain never fails to ease me.

There’s nothing more peaceful/calming than the rain.
Sitting there, at that moment in time, I was at peace. There was nothing more exciting than seeing the city of Houston from the 60th floor of the Chase Tower.